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Elderly Home Care Services Palm Desert CA

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Getting older means you can enjoy your retirement without the added stresses and responsibilities of working life or bring up your family, however you may need a little help to deal with the ailments or disabilities that can accompany the aging process. In home elder care can enable you to retain some of your independence while obtaining the assistance you require in your day-to-day life.

Home care for the elderly consists of all caring activities, with the exception of specialist nursing duties such as changing dressings on wounds or operation sites. Our eldercare services can include household tasks, such as preparing meals, cooking and cleaning, elderly companion services and personal care, aiding with bathing, showering, grooming and medications. The compassionate caregivers from Heaven Heights Senior Care will offer attentive and helpful home services, becoming not just professional elder caregivers but a friend to our clients.

Our high quality standard in home elderly care in the Palm Desert area of California encompasses the medical and social aspects of everyday living. We focus on building a trusting relationship with our clients that enables our caregivers to efficiently look after your needs.

Elderly Home Care Services

The medical assistance that Heaven Heights Senior Care provides focuses on the administration of medication, including regular scheduled reminders for you to take your medications and collecting prescriptions if you are unable to. Our home care services may also include accompanying clients on visits to the doctors, for both support and to aid you in implementing your recommended medical care plan at home. We can also aid in hospital visits, admittance and discharge papers.

Personal and Social at Home Care

Your personal health care is important to us as we know it means a lot to you to be able to take care of yourself with the help of our elderly assisted living services. Whether you need help washing and dressing or being aided with mobility, incontinence or other health issues, our fully licensed and insured team is happy to assist you. One of your assigned elder care givers can undertake any household responsibilities that you may struggle with, such as grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, and preparation of meals throughout the week.

The ability to engage in a social life with friends, family, or local groups doesn’t have to change because of the impacts of getting older. Heaven Heights Senior Care also offers transportation services and assistance with socialization to our clients with our elderly in home care.

Specialist in Home Care

The Heaven Heights Senior Care caregivers specializes in elderly home care services for veterans and clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our elder care at home team have undergone an extensive checklist to ensure that they are properly equipped to take the best care of you or your elderly relatives in cases of dementia care, including assisting with everyday living tasks. We also provide specific care to manage behavior, encourage engagement, aid with physical, emotional and mental symptoms, as well as ensuring you or your relative feels safe and secure.

Live in Care

The elderly services we can provide to you are based on an individual, case to case basis; for example, our compassionate care service includes 24 hour, live in elderly care at home care. We can also offer assisted living facilities, and personal assistance – this includes overnight care when you need it, so you don’t have to worry if you become ill or need some extra help. We are also able to offer home respite care to make our clients feel more comfortable, particularly in their own homes.

Home Care for Loved Ones

As a relative, taking care of an elderly family member can be stressful, especially if you are attempting to juggle your own responsibilities, such as work and family life. In home elder care services with Heaven Height Senior Care can help to put your mind at ease knowing that the immediate needs of your relative are being taken care of by our fully licensed and insured professional caregiver when you are unable to reach them. Being in their own home means your loved one can continue going about their lives without losing their sense of self.

Benefits of Attentive Home Care

Our eldercare services and at home care has been running since 2010 and is going from strength to strength. At Heaven Heights Senior Care, we have always been family owned and run, with our home care and assisted living facilities growing to become Palm Desert’s leading specialists in the industry.

Home care often works well because our clients are able to remain in their own space, where they are most comfortable and can control the level of care they receive. One of the aspects people can feel most anxious about in terms of getting older and the decline in health associated with this is losing their independence. Having to rely on others to help you get through daily life can be a worry, which is why remaining in your own home surrounded by your own personal possessions can be appealing.

Care from Heaven Heights

The at home eldercare services provided by our friendly and courteous caregivers will enable you to remain autonomous to an extent, organizing your own care and social life with the help of Heaven Heights Senior Care. Our aim is to assist you in your daily needs without disrupting your everyday life beyond the benefits of our health and social care.

Getting older doesn’t need to completely change your life; Heaven Heights Senior Care is well experienced and well known for our ability to care for you or your loved one in a warm-hearted, efficient and understanding manner. We wish to assist you in your own home and can adapt our care facilities to benefit your circumstances.

We offer top quality home aid, from just three hours per day to full time care. Our founder has over fifteen years of experience in the senior care industry, passing on her skills to our caregivers. Heaven Heights Senior care have been hailed as Coachella Valley’s most knowledgeable senior care service, so your health will always be in good hands.

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Disclaimer: Heaven Heights is not a medical or home health agency. We are a staffing / referral agency for clients in their homes. Such as drivers, housekeepers, companion, personal Assistants. we do not provide home health Aides or medical care aides. We are not a facility either. We offer staffing / referrals for seniors for their daily needs. 


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